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Dear leaders of advertising agencies, specialists and marketing consultants working individually!

We do not compete with You! We are Your possible colleague and partner! We are sure that working together we could achieve satisfying results faster, more effectively and reduce expenditure that is very important to Your clients.
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We offer special conditions and discounts for promotional products and services to out partners. Lets work together and suggest to our clients effective and profitable advertising decisions.

If you chose promotional products from  www.Lpromo.co.uk catalogue that would be suitable to your clients or you just have special requests or clients wishes, let Lpromo consultants to know your needs and we will offer You individual proposals with special agency discounts.

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The proposal is intended only to advertising agencies, PR agencies and individual consultants working with businesses.  

We respect your partnership, so confidentiality is guaranteed.

Together we can achieve more!
Lpromo.co.uk team


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